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sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011


Composição: Otep Shamaya

Don't... be... silent!


Here's your introduction to destruction
And the hate sustaining me

Are we safer or in danger?
Drowning in atrocities?

Riot gear, the slaves are here
Piling corpses high

Its the rich man's war
But it's the poor that fight

More capitalist crimes,
More enemies than allies

No wmd's, who gives a fuck
If they die

Just kill em all, watch em fall
Skin the world with their lies

Its a rich man's war
But it's the poor that fight!


Stand up
Speak out
Strike back

Stand up
Speak out
Strike back!

They don't know
What they started


My religion of resistance
Challenging everything

Radicals & dissidents
Of creativity

We are the children
Of the siege you hide

In this rich man's war
Where the poor just die
More deception & greed
More wars & disease

More lies from the hive mind
That seek to deceive

A weak nation of need
Like silent thieves in the night

It's a rich man's war
But it's the poor that die!


This is my
Battle cry

Defy the lies
Of the tyrant race
With a fist in the air
And a finger in their face!

Defy the tyrants
Don't be silent!


There's no
Way they
Can stop us

So let them try
We fight or we die!

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